Accessing the World Wide Web shouldn’t be hard.

W-WIFI Products & Services

To provide access to stable and secure public Wi-Fi access, these are the necessary components operating within the W-WIFI platform:

W-WIFI Network

A decentralized wireless network to provide bandwidth for enterprises and qualified network subscribers

W-WIFI Mobile App

A multi-functional mobile application that connects to W-WIFI hotspots and stores WIFI tokens for utility purposes

“W” Website Portal

This admin gateway provides a comprehensive dashboard and database for monitoring and analytics

W-WIFI Pay Wallet

This exclusive digital wallet converts WIFI Coin to points and use it for payment purchase or cash withdrawal

W-WIFIFor the Digital World
W-WIFI Decentralized Network

Internet Within Your Reach

The W-WIFI network, in tie up with KMT, is a blockchain-based wireless mesh network that enables smart devices to connect anywhere in the world. Based on the mobile hotspot network (MHN) model, decentralized internet access can be provided to users at home or on-the-go.

As a vision, W-WIFI is an innovator on internet connectivity and mobile advertising; benefiting users, businesses, and advertisers.

  •    100x faster data transfer rate
  •    Mass transmission technology
  •    Additional services for big data consulting
Exchange data over the Internet


W-WIFI Router

W-WIFI routers are hardware devices that provide encrypted data and bandwidth supply. These routers are the termination point for data encryption.

W-WIFI Hotspot

W-WIFI hotspots are physical locations that provide wireless coverage. These are built with commodity open-standard components w/o centralized control.


This cryptographically-secure computational method allows verification of provided bandwidth and strengthens a specific W-WIFI hotspot’s reputation.

How It Works

W-WIFI Advertising

Connect. Earn. Pay.


Towards wireless internet revolution and innovation


The powerful connections behind WIFI

Executive Board

David Young


David leads the wireless internet and mobile advertising innovation of the W-WIFI Foundation. He has extensive experience in digital market expansion, blockchain technology, and corporate leadership. He is also the current CEO of J&B International Portal.


Jasmine Kim


Jasmine heads the marketing and promotions strategy of the W-WIFI project. With a US-based Management degree, she focuses on commercializing and attracting investors and users for the project. Her interest is in line with crypto management and trading.


Team Members

Jason Paragoso

Senior Developer

Jason is W-WIFI’s senior developer who has years of experience working with various companies. He is an expert in advanced data structure and computer networking. His expertise lies in Solidity, Python, smart contracts, Nodejs, STL, and C++ languages.


John Eduard Martinez

Blockchain Developer

John is a part of the blockchain development team at W-WIFI. He carries professional experience and is proficient with smart algorithms and data structures. He is also most knowledgeable when it comes to various aspects of cryptography and the blockchain.


Fitzgerald Quino

App Developer

Fitzgerald is a skilled mobile application developer, with a keen eye for detail. His work reflects how design and development go hand in hand. He has a firm grasp of cross-platform development and believes in providing a seamless user experience with maximum security.


Ailyn Betinol

UI/UX Designer

Ailyn takes care of the overall platform interface and usability. She is the genius behind designing the W-WIFI website portal and official whitepaper. She has 4 years of professional experience in developing UI/UX designs for various fintech websites and platforms.


Joel Manabat


Joel has 4 years of experience in digital marketing, promotional activities, campaign promotions, and backlink creation. He handles the creation of all the rich content on the WIFI platform, including graphic design, email templates, and video production.



Soonthon Saikwan


Maj. Gen. Saikwan is currently the President of the Southern Thai Police Association. He also serves as the Chairman of PTG Energy Public Company Limited and Cop'Magazine Magazine’s Honorary Advisor. Previously, he was elected in the Senate of Bangkok.


Khwanchart Klahan


General Khwanchart Klahan is the former Secretary-General of the Ministry of Defense. He served as the army’s former commander in four areas. He actively participates in various projects in Thailand such as the WIFI Coin and KMT’s public Wi-Fi installation project.

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This whitepaper gives a detailed explanation of the W-WIFI project. Read the document to acquire in-depth knowledge of the concepts, market opportunities, technology, use cases, and roadmap of this novel blockchain-based wireless network.

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Our Technological Pillars


The powerful connections behind WIFI


To help you get started.


It’s all about letting people be connected on the web in a more convenient, affordable, and safe way. The W-WIFI network is a decentralized wireless mesh network that enables devices to connect with hotspots within the area. Enterprises can also monetize their hotspots by running ads and promotions.

Basically anyone! If you are always on-the-go or you want reliable Internet access when you are outdoors, W-WIFI platform is right for you. You can earn WIFI tokens as you connect to any W-WIFI-powered hotspots. Moreover, value-added services is made available for interested enterprises and advertisers.

WIFI tokens serve as the virtual payment currency within the W-WIFI platform. It can be converted to points in the W-WIFI Pay Wallet. These points can be used to pay for online purchases and franchise stores or can be directly withdrawn as fiat money or cash. Moreover, WIFI can be traded once listed.

We have the Proof-of-Work (PoW) protocol as the W-WIFI platform is initially based in Ethereum. Once the need arises, its mainnet will be developed and launched. In addition, a new kind of proof called Proof-of-Coverage (PoC) ensures that the decentralized network is maintained and functioning properly.